You love Las Vegas, the shows, the lights, the beautiful hotels…but one thing you’re not a fan of is the smoke. Las Vegas is known as a smoking destination, which can make it difficult for families and individuals with respiratory issues, or smoke allergies, to enjoy their time in this fabulous city. As someone with a smoke-intolerant family member, I know how frustrating this can be. That’s why I wanted to research a few hotels and casinos that might be a good option for enjoying a smoke-free Las Vegas visit. Below, you’ll find a list of smoke-free or semi smoke-free, hotels, casinos, and other venues where you can avoid secondhand smoke and enjoy the clean air with family and friends.

Smoke Free Vegas Hotels

Vegas is dotted with smoke-free hotels that focus on the cleanliness of the rooms and lounging areas, with some of them even issuing hefty fines for individuals who do decide to smoke in their rooms.  Hotel staff can easily detect whether patrons have smoked when inspecting rooms and it just adds more work to their day. These cases may require that they clean the upholstery or purify the air, which is why cleaning fees can be pretty expensive in some hotels. Because of this extra time and effort it’s safe to assume that these hotels are doing everything possible to make sure your stay is smoke-free.

Hilton Grand Vacations on The Last Vegas Strip – This non-smoking hotel, located on the north end of the strip sits on 10-acres of land and comes with large outdoor water fountains, a gym, a steam room, and an unforgettable spa, the Eforea, which features rainfall Swiss showers and eucalyptus steam rooms. The outdoor pool is extraordinary, and you won’t have to worry about any patrons smoking, as almost the entirety of the 10 acres of land is smoke-free with only a few designated smoking areas available.

Vdara Hotel and Spa – The luxury hotel and spa is an all-suite, pet-friendly, and smoke-free location perfect for deep relaxation and escape. Nestled inside the City Center Complex, this gorgeous hotel is not only smoke-free, it’s casino-free making it the perfect place for a family vacation. There are 16,000 square feet of spa space and over 1,400 suites overlooking the beautiful views of Las Vegas.

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The Platinum Hotel – Just a little off the Las Vegas strip, the Platinum Hotel is a great place to escape to after you’ve had your day on the strip. Each suite comes with a washer, dryer, a full kitchen, a plasma screen tv, and jetted tubs. For individuals wanting to indulge a little more, their Strip View Marquis Suites come with wrap-around balconies and private terraces. They offer hotel packages for families including their Family 4-Pac Vacation package which consists of a 2-night stay with movie tickers, snacks, and pizza for a family of 4. This smoke-free location is also close to the Atomic Testing Museum, a golf club, and mini-golf.

A few other smoke-free hotels are Delano Las Vegas, Elara by Hilton, Cancun Resort Las Vegas, Renaissance Las Vegas, The Westin, Waldorf Astoria, and Wyndham Grand Desert Resort.

Smoke Free Vegas Casinos

Casinos in Las Vegas are still lagging behind the policy changes that much of the city is already on board with but there’s still hope. The city opened its first non-smoking casino in 2020 and they’re hoping for a few more to follow-through in the next couple of years. Below are a few smoke-free and semi-smoke-free casinos to take part in on your next trip to the desert city.
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Park MGM – Park MGM is your one-stop shop for all things smoke-free. No smoking is allowed in the casino area, the convention center, any of the restaurants, hotels rooms, common areas, and pools. There are designated areas for smoking tobacco, vapes, and e-cigs if guests would like but the area remains to be largely smoke-free in most of the location. Clean air and a smoke-free facility is at the top of their priority list and they work hard to ensure that whether you’re there to relax or party on, you’re doing it with clean air. The casino is also taking Covid precautions very seriously and has streamlined safety for all their guests with mandates and physical distancing.

McCarran Airport – Yes, an airport is on the list but hey, if you really want to gamble smoke-free, this is another place to do it. You can also wait until you arrive or depart before your trip to get a little gambling in, either way, the airport ensures your visit to the casino there is in a smoke-free environment.

 If you’d like to visit more than one casino, finding newer build casinos or ones without so much traffic might be better for a non-smoking experience. The last option I have listed below is not fully smoke-free but is a newer casino with better air filtration systems that leave the air cleaner for guests.

Circa Resort and Casino – this hotel and casino was built recently and doesn’t hold as much history with smokers as some of your other options which is why this one is on the list. They also have a state-of-the-art HVAC system that pushes air up from the vents on the floor towards the ceiling, creating good circulation and clean air in the building.

Other smoke-free Las Vegas activities

The Nevada Clean Air Act created cleaner air for many indoor and outdoor locations in Las Vegas and since families with kids of all ages visit the desert city, there’s plenty to do outside of clubs, casinos, and diners where smokers can delight in their light. Shopping is a great option for visitors wanting to stay away from the smoke since all retail shops are smoke-free. Places like theatres, lounges, restaurants, and arcades are also smoke-free because they serve food. You’ll find that most restaurants in Las Vegas are smoke-free because you can’t light up wherever there’s food being served. Although I will say, if there is patio seating at a certain establishment, they might accept smoking, as well as a few others that are known to allow smokers to smoke inside.

Here’s also a helpful tip for people looking to avoid any bad air left behind from a smoker, choose to get a ride from Lyft instead of Uber or a taxi. Lyft has a safety policy that states that smoking is against community rules because of respiratory illnesses some passengers may have. So, even if their cars are empty, drivers can’t smoke because that smell usually lingers long enough for passengers to smell it. In fact, in some cases, if a passenger leaves a note on the Lyft app that the driver’s car smelled of smoke, they can get suspended from driving passengers around. So, next time choose Lyft if you really want the full smoke-free Las Vegas experience.

Fortunately, finding smoke-free places to sleep, eat, and gamble is not as hard as it sounds. The city knows that visitors of all ages come year-round to enjoy the lights, shows, and good food, and finding a way for everyone to enjoy the amenities this city has is a priority for many businesses. We hope you found some helpful information on non-smoking locations and services in Las Vegas on this list and that the next time you visit this lively city, you’ll find yourself sleeping, eating, and enjoying your time in clean and smoke-free Las Vegas facilities.  

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